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With the temperature climbing outside people frequently like

With the temperature climbing outside people frequently like to reach for chilly or frozen drinks, like smoothies, shakes and iced or frozen coffee drinks. However, these liquids could be a culprit to your weight gain. Scmnewline When we see the word smoothie we frequently relate it with healthy. That isn't always the case. Several have hidden calories, fat and excessive sugar. Even at shops that market "healthy" smoothies have several drinks which are not so healthy and have far too several calories. Here are a few surprising examples:
Jamba Juice, Chunky Strawberry (16 oz) - 570 calories
Jamba Juice, Mango Peach Topper (16 ounce) - 500 calories
Smoothie King, Cranberry Supreme (20 ounce) - 560 calories
Smoothie King, The Hulk Strawberry smoothie (20 ounce) - 1065 calories, YIKES!
 But let me back up at touch with a few facts.
 It's been well-documented the gain in the consumption of drinks (ie, something other than water) is a factor for the obesity crisis in the Usa. The typical American today gets more than 20% of their daily calories from drinks. That's a great deal! Scmnewline For may people, during the warm months we slurp down way too many "Summer Drinks" - the smoothies, shakes or frozen coffee drinks. These can easily pack on the pounds:
Starbucks Honey Frappuccino (16 oz) - 390 calories
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolata (16 oz) - 350 calories
TCBY Mango Tango (24 oz) - 728 calories
Baskin Robbins Vanilla Shake, medium (24 oz) - 980 calories
McDonald's Chocolate Triple Thick Shake (32 oz) - 1160 calories - WOW!
 Now let me suggest that smoothies are regularly a fantastic approach to add fruit to your daily diet and may be considered a nice supplement to your meal plan. Yet, it's always best to make them yourself at home. Why? Scmnewline Let's not forget that beverages now (including smoothies) are super-sized. The Food and Medicine Administration's official serving-size is 8 oz. It is hard to locate an 8 oz smoothie, milkshake or iced coffee beverage. I bet many of you do not even know what 8 ounces seems like once we just do not see it anymore! Scmnewline But it's not only the super sizing. Scmnewline It is that individuals FORGET that they are ingesting calories. I see it constantly, people sipping on their drinks oblivious that these things even contribute to their daily caloric consumption. It is like they're thinking:if I drink it, it's zero calories.:That's not accurate! Scmnewline But smoothies often have fruit. Is not that great?
 Okay, I know a number of the smoothies have real fruit in them but there are several other ingredients, that put all together, can add up to a TON of calories.
 Plus the reality which you're:drinking the fruit it doesn't register the same in your head. Imagine you are eating a piece of fruit. First, you're eating so you're (hopefully) more aware of the food and the calories. Second, whenever you eat a whole piece of fruit you are getting all of the fiber and nutrients which might be missing in the liquid form.
 My clients often have these smoothies and can not comprehend the reason why they're not dropping pounds. As soon as they use me, they do not crave these Summer drinks like they used to and have them less often. Once they do that, it is amazing how those troublesome pounds finally begin to come off. And it didn't take very much work!
 So what is the most important thing? Scmnewline Though smoothies taste wonderful, can be nourishing, and sometimes are a good way to acquire some fruit in your system - it is better to make them yourself at home. Should you choose to have them at a smoothie shop, coffee bar, or elsewhere, do not go overboard. And try to get the majority of your daily fruit consumption by eating whole fruit.
 Your waistline (and wallet!) will thanks.
Strawberry Punch This punch is wonderful to keep in your fridge like a refreshing beverage or maybe to serve at any given event. It may also be an alcoholic or a nonalcoholic beverage. To get this have a little kick attempt adding some coconut rum like Malibu to the mix.
 Ingredients Strawberry trendy aid 2 litre bottle Sierra Mist or sprite (which ever you prefer) 2 cups Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
 Make a mountain of strawberry cool aid in a big bowl, the add you fresh strawberries or you defrosted strawberries. The final action that you'll need to do is add the pop. Just before you are ready to serve add half of the bottle of sprite or sierra mist, to the cool-aid and strawberry mixture, mix together and serve.
 Heavenly Strawberry desert This creamy desert is a perfect method to end any meal or celebration. This desert is suitable for practically any event. Scmnewline Ingredients 1-2 cups of strawberries Strawberry Jell-o (you may need 2 packets depending on the number you are making) Strawberry immediate pudding (you may need two packets depending in the quantity you are making) Whipping cream In a big bowl mix-up the jello mix, then add the strawberries. Put within the refrigerator until set. In a separate bowl mix up the strawberry instant pudding, and when the jello is set layer the instant pudding on top of the jello let it set for about 5 minute in the refrigerator. Whilst this is placing whip up your whipping cream, as soon as your cream is whipped layer this on top of the instant pudding, Scmnewline Homemade Strawberry facial mask Why don't you treat yourself to a facial that is created with things which you have around your house. Scmnewline Ingredients 1 frozen whole strawberry (fresh can be used) 1-2 Tbs Cornstarch
 Defrost the strawberry in the microwave until fully thawed. After the strawberry is completely thawed much it down into a pulp. (it will probably be warm) Then add the cornflour, blend well into a paste. Then distribute the mixture on your face. This should be left to sit for about 15 20 min, then rise off using warm water. Following your skin will feel refreshed and replenished. Scmnewline Seriously strawberry smoothie This yummy strawberry smoothie is finished off with a kick of kiwi. But if you do not feel like kiwi what about replacing the kiwi with a banana or pineapple.
 Ingredients 3-4 cups of strawberries (fresh or frozen) 2 kiwi's 2 Cups strawberry ice-cream 2 cups milk A blender
 The strawberries must be slightly frozen, so if you used fresh strawberries you may want to place them into the freezer for about 5-10 minutes prior to making the smoothie. When they're ready put the strawberries into the blender. Then peel the kiwi's and slice them, then place into the blender with the strawberries. Add the two cups of milk and mix for approximately ten seconds. After blending for a short period include the strawberry ice-cream, Strawberry Smoothie Recipe and mix again till smooth. Serve in a tall glass and love. Scmnewline I am a big supporter of smoothies. I think that they are a very great, healthful way to replace meals plus they help to keep you fueled and refreshed during the warm summer months. Below are some of the best smoothie recipes that are great to eat at any period of the day whether you're looking to replace a meal or just want a little pick-me up. Scmnewline Peach Smoothie This really is by far one of my absolute favorite smoothies. I really like it is creamy while at the same time as some texture from the peaches. It is real easy to make and you will always possess the best size if you take advantage of a Magic-bullet blender (which I would suggest).
 To start off you may need 1 can of peaches (preferably sugar free or in light syrup), low fat or fat free vanilla yogurt, and a bit of milk (skim or 1%). The preparation is very simple. Take about half the can of peaches and place them in the blender. Add a single portion of vanilla yogurt (which is about 1 cup) and toss in a dash of milk. Then simply blend this up. In the event you prefer some peach chunks left within the smoothie then don't leave the blender running too long. When you're finished you're left with a wonderful, delicious snack that can leave you full and fulfilled. This smoothie is also low in calories. If you do not believe me just add up all of the calories of the things that you put in. I guarantee that you will likely be enjoyably surprised. Scmnewline Banana & Vanilla Protein Smoothie The banana and vanilla protein smoothie is similar to my peach smoothie, except it includes a few more calories. For this recipe you will need 1 banana, reduced fat or fat free vanilla yogurt, a dash of milk, and your favourite vanilla protein powder. To get the smoothie throw the banana, one serving of yogurt, milk, and a serving of protein powder in your blender and blend. If you like bananas then toss in the full fruit. Personally, I don't like a powerful banana taste so I simply put in half. This is really a great breakfast meal or an after workout snack. Scmnewline Strawberry Smoothie My strawberry smoothie is one which I've used for several years. I Haven't really changed it over the last few years and it still tastes as great today as it did the very first time I made it. For this particular smoothie you will need, milk (1%), ice, and frozen strawberries (the ones which come within the container with the sugar added). Before you begin this smoothie you are going to have to permit the strawberry container defrost a bit, but not fully. Next you will take 2 cups of ice and crush them in the blender. Adding some milk, about a half a cup, to get the ice mixed up. Now add a half a cup of strawberries and combine the mixture. Add another cup of milk and another cup of frozen strawberries and finish mix. If you want a thicker smoothie then add more ice and a little less milk. Should you prefer a thinner smoothie then allow you strawberries defrost more at the beginning. Scmnewline These are three of my greatest and most healthy smoothie recipes. Recall that when you prepare a smoothie keep tabs about what it is that you're putting into it. A smoothie could be you best friend on the path to weight reduction, but only if you know what exactly is in it. Stay cool this summer and appreciate the recipes. For more information browse through our website.
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